The Top 25 CEOs To Follow On Twitter

You may be surprised to learn that only 2.5% of CEOs are active on Twitter. However, the few who are enjoy early-mover status and are making quite an impact.

Here at The CEO Guru, we have produced the first ever ranking of the top CEOs to follow on Twitter.

We’ve gone beyond just the number of followers and even the increasingly influential ‘Klout’ score to take into account the quality of the CEOs’ tweets: whether they are just talking about themselves and their companies or offering genuine leadership and industry insights, how they’re engaging with hot topics and influencers, and indeed whether they are actually writing the tweets themselves…

RankTwitter UsernameCompanyCEO Guru Capital / 100Klout Score /100FollowersOur TakeNo. Of TweetsJob TitleName
Virgin Group92.0903111187The consummate social CEO with an upbeat tone & good leadership material; also an active blogger3251Chairman & FounderRichard Branson
News Corp78.090428382Forthright, authentic opinions from the silver surfer of the CEO world. Focused towards politics & media868CEORupert Murdoch
LinkedIn76.38134107CEO of a competing social network, one of the most thoughtful leadership voices in Silicon Valley. Watch his new LinkedIn Influencer network1231CEOJeff Weiner
Anand Mahindra Twitter
Mahindra & Mahindra74.080767549A lively Twitter account with lots of regional flavour from one of India's richest men5084Chairman & Managing DirectorAnand Mahindra
Eric Schmidt Twitter
Google73.585597676Interesting tweets from the Sage of Silicon Valley; slightly less on leadership83Executive ChairmanEric Schmidt
Kaifu Lee Twitter
Innovation Works73.3811024089Most tweets in Chinese so difficult to judge properly; sense that quite political against Chinese government more than great leadership insight873Chairman/CEOKai-Fu Lee
Marc Benioff Salesforce CEO Twitter
Salesforce.com72.98353053Good tweets about technology & his industry; looser connection to leadership2272Chairman/CEOMarc Benioff
Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo! Twitter
Yahoo!72.585311486Good Silicon Valley stream; just make sure you don't read it when you're supposed to "working from home"783President/CEOMarissa Mayer
Brent Hoberman Twitter & co-founder of Lastminute.com71.76921659A great window into the entrepreneurial world; slanted towards a CEO audience3234Executive ChairmanBrent Hoberman
[Saul Klein]

Saul Klein Twitter @cape
Index Ventures71.16719828Interactive & tapped into tech and entrepreneuship agenda4850PartnerSaul Klein

Dick Costolo CEO Twitter
Twitter67.6821054792Bit of a stream of consciousness; more of a personal feed than one for great insights5904CEODick Costolo
Burberry Group67.17715890Great but infrequent upbeat leadership tweets; nothing about fashion123CEOAngela Ahrendts
[Jack Salzwedel]

American Family Mutual Insurance Group65.9532346Upbeat folksy tone; some leadership gems among the shop talk3124CEOJack Salzwedel
14@Jack Welch
Jack Welch Management Institute63.2841398707A heavy American sports focus from one of the iconic CEOs1955FounderJack Welch
Drew Houston Twitter
Dropbox Inc62.08026477Good on Silicon Valley & startup culture220CEODrew Houston
16@Jack [Dorsey]
Square Inc60.5852293971More of a personal & photography-based account from the creator of Twitter himself12995CEOJack Dorsey
[Mark Bertolini]

Aetna60.5554587Quite focused on the health care industry but takes a global leader's perspective1156CEOMark Bertolini
O259.7593941Authentic Irish voice with some good telecoms insights - this profile will particularly appeal if you're a rugby fan943CEORonan Dunne
Michael Dell Twitter
Dell55.28464278Mainly talking about Dell, suppliers & channel partners1411CEOMichael Dell
Sheryl Sandberg COO Facebook
Facebook53.98372068You may want to 'lean in' to Sheryl's message on women in the workplace; unfortunately her Twitter is fairly inactive & mainly self-promoting17COOSheryl Sandberg
Bill Gates Twitter
Microsoft53.69210911290Heavy focus on social entrepreneurship & philanthropy; light on broader leadership insight813ChairmanBill Gates
Carnival52.38197586Good staff interaction but otherwise completely 'in the company' plus the odd sporting reference5113CEOMicky Arison
[Stephen Elop]

Stephen Elop CEO Twitter
Nokia51.77940521Broadly 'in the company' from a character who's increasingly vocal in the mobile industry135CEOStephen Elop
Jeff Immelt Twitter
General Electric50.060167360Very in the company/industry; fairly new to Twitter so one to watch1245CEOJeff Immelt
Luke Johnson Twitter
Risk Capital Partners Ltd45.7493690High-value management topics although mainly links to his FT column214Chairman & Co-FounderLuke Johnson

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